Nandita  , MBA
About Suhaa Arts:
I Joined the institute through the word of mooth. It’s worth joining and able to finish the course. After joining I actually got the independence to explore my talent and capabilities. Encouragement & faith towards art & dedication towards each of her student makes her a unique person on this earth. I wish her all the best in life.
Harika , Student
About Suhaa Arts:
Suhasini is an amaging artist with incredible talent. She has the capability as a teacher to turn coal into diamond. Whatever I paint today is inspired by her. My stay of 2Years has taught me in Fine Arts quite a few new ideas on art and skills, which really rejuvinates many new channels of creativity in me, completely rennovating my life style, which is really a noteworthy turning point in my life. 
Neelima , Engineer
About Suhasini:
 No words to actually appreciate the talent she has a highly motivating person, recognizes the strength  & weakness of the person, and helps the person accordingly. She’s made me an artist from a very normal person, who actually new nothing about the ‘ART’ .
Jyothi , Housewife
About Suhaa Arts:
Suhaa Arts an Ocean of Arts! It is worth while for anybody, who has keen interest in Arts and also has an inborn talent in him or her, to join as institute like Suhaa Arts. I am a house wife with immeuse talents in Fine Arts, Crafts etc, but could’nt  find way to bring them out and polish them.